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Where to place home security cameras in New Brunswick?

March 14, 2022

If you’re wondering about the most important spots to position your New Brunswick home security cameras, figure out the most used areas that need a clear glimpse of any suspicious behavior. Start at the front door and then continue to the exterior zones without windows. And don’t forget to implement surveillance for interior areas.

Review these simple recommendations on where you should place your home security cameras in New Brunswick.

Utilize A Smart Doorbell Camera For Your Front Door

If you consider the likely risks that could cause trouble for your property, a burglar or package pilferer could be at the top of the list. In fact, law enforcement data indicates that nearly 35% of home break-ins take place right through your main entryway. Of course, ensuring you always lock your door is a good way to decrease the likelihood of a break-in, but it's a good idea to keep eyes on your front door.

Doorbell surveillance systems provide high-resolution video so you can check on your entry at any time. If anyone comes to the front porch, the cameras will start video recording and deliver notifications to your mobile device. Then you can speak with visitors using the two-way talk functionality that works with your cell phone app. As an added benefit, you can have your connected interior lighting switch on automatically to look like you’re in the house when you are really gone.

Watch Windowless Areas With Outside Cameras

Hard-to-see areas of your property are highly recommended spots to place your home security cameras in New Brunswick. Luckily, ADT’s exterior cameras are compact and wireless. As you can put them wherever you want, you candefinitely get a view of areas not visible from windows, like in front of your garage -- specifically if you have a detached garage.

Other dead zones found at your home might include:

  • Corners of your home not facing a road
  • Nooks near your attached deck or chimney
  • Entrance to a cellar or a window well with access to your basement
  • Storage sheds or additional outdoor installations

When placing cameras, make sure you have a clear vantage point. That may mean cutting back any brush or branches that could block your vision.

Where To Place Your Interior Cameras In New Brunswick

On the inside of your house, you have a great deal of choices for where to place indoor surveillance devices. These components blend well with your decor and will stay on a counter, bookcase, or shelf. If a suspicious action happens overnight or when you're away, you'll get a mobile alert accompanied by a video segment.

The preferred locations for interior video cameras tend to be major halls and the parts of your house with electronics and other valuables. The family room, living room, or den frequently have the majority of camera installations in New Brunswick. First and second-floor walkways are good choices as well -- specifically to oversee passages out of your house in case of emergencies like fires or floods. Home offices are becoming popular too, as remote work has evolved.

Request Home Security Cameras With A Smart Home Defense Plan

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